SNA1463 - Prompter Operator

قطاع: Technical
دائرة: Studio Operations
قسم: Autocue Operator
نوع الاتصال: Permanent
المكان: Abu Dhabi
آخر موعد لتسلّم الطلبات: 19-Mar-2019
Job Description: The Prompter Operator scrolls the scripts for the presenter.  It is a gallery-based role, working closely with production staff under considerable stress. Sky News Arabia will be a fast paced Breaking News Channel, rundowns will often change with very little notice and you will be expected to cross reference what is being offered on the prompter against the producers running order. You may also be required to playout supers during the VTs. Even under pressure and possible loud noisy environment, You should be able to focus on the prompter and follow the presenters while they read. Key Responsibilities:
  • Operating the prompter equipment in the studio and outside broadcast environments.
  • Ensuring that programme run‐downs and scripts are updated and uploaded.
  • Liaising with production and the presenters.
  • Listening actively to Producers and Directors for any script changes and re‐loads.
  • Checking that PCs & departmental equipment are in working order regularly.
  • You may be required at times to travel with the broadcast team to facilitate when presenting on location in the Middle East, North Africa and internationally.
  • Playout of supers during VTs, names and tags.
Key Skills, Experience and Education:
  • Previous experience of working a prompter system in a live studio at a large broadcasting agency
  • Minimum of 4 years of relevant experience required.
  • Fluent in both written and spoken Arabic and good English.
  • Good communication and time management skills.
ملاحظة: مطلوب منك إرفاق ما يلي: 1. السيرة الذاتية


Due to the fast paced nature of our business, vacancy closing dates are subject to change.

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