SNA1781 - Program Producer

قطاع: Output
دائرة: Not Applicable
قسم: Not Applicable
نوع الاتصال: Permanent
المكان: Abu Dhabi
آخر موعد لتسلّم الطلبات: 16-Oct-2021
Job Description: The Program Producer is a member of the program team responsible for a segment of Sky News Arabia's programming. During your time slot, you will work under the direction of a Senior Executive Producer to create and shape our news coverage writing scripts, cutting pictures, finding guests, developing graphics and other work as required, both for TV and Social Media platforms. Your mission will be to produce original and market-leading news output while ensuring Sky News Arabia's editorial guidelines and values are adhered to. Though your main role will be to produce news for Sky News Arabia's television news channel and various Electronic platforms. You will embrace the full range of content delivery platforms including online, digital and aim to develop cross-platform working practices and ideas wherever possible Key Responsibilities:
  • Producing distinctive Programs news coverage for Sky News Arabia's Programs segment.
  • Working under the direction of an Executive Producer to produce distinctive and stylish news coverage for a segment of Sky News Arabia's programming.
  • Writing scripts for on-air talent, cutting pictures using a newsroom production system, finding guests, commissioning and writing graphics and other task as required.
  • Ensuring Sky News Arabia's editorial guidelines and values are adhered to.
  • Working with producers within your team and across the newsroom, as well as with the news desk and online, to cultivate a collaborative approach to news gathering and delivery across Sky News Arabia.
  • Required to work within a shift pattern across the whole week and including nights to service the needs of a 24 hour news channel.
  • May be required to produce on location in Abu Dhabi, the Middle East, North Africa and internationally.
  • Ideate and produce video content.
  • Create and coordinate daily ''multimedia'' stories on Instagram and Snapchat for takeover by our network of talents across the country.
  • Produce on-the-field social video stories as well as produce Facebook Live broadcasts from our office or on location.
Key Skills, Experience and Education:
  • BA in journalism another related social science major.
  • Previous experience in a national or international broadcast news channel.
  • Experience in newsroom production systems and desktop editing.
  • Experience of or appreciation of the benefits and difficulties of cross-platform working.
  • Evidence of a broad range of journalistic interests, including social affairs, international politics, public policy, world programs and economic affairs, Sciences, and the Arts.
  • Experience in television news, including television Programs news production.
  • Experience in video production and/or graphic design.
  • Proven experience in content conception, development, and execution for digital platforms and younger-mind set audiences.
  • Good knowledge of current post-production tools and processes and know your way around video editing software.
  • An excellent journalist with strong editorial judgment.
  • A strong spoken/written communicator can develop creative, clear, and concise storytelling for various audiences.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a relevant field.
ملاحظة: مطلوب منك إرفاق ما يلي: 1. السيرة الذاتية
2. Passport-size photograph


Due to the fast paced nature of our business, vacancy closing dates are subject to change.

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